As a globally active company in various areas of the healthcare sector, we are committed to a transparent partnership with all healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs). This close and well regulated partnership allows us to ensure that our medical products are continuously improved through research and the exchange of best clinical practices on state-of-the-art technology, and therefore this benefits the patient.

The disclosure of such partnerships is key because it helps to govern and promote a positive, collaborative and trust-based relationship between HCPs/HCOs and commercial life sciences organisations. This ensures that such relationships do not influence clinical decisions, as all financial interactions are fully transparent.

One of the most recent transparency initiatives comes from the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). In 2013, EFPIA adopted this pharma self-regulation under the Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from Pharmaceutical Companies to HCPs and HCOs, which requires companies, such as GE Healthcare, to publicly publish a report by the end of June 2016 of all transfers of value from GE Healthcare to HCPs and HCOs accumulated in 2015. Such disclosures will occur on an annual basis. GE Healthcare, as a member of the pharmaceuticals industries, is committed to greater transparency of the financial relationships with HCPs by complying with both the EFPIA Transparency Code and other national Transparency regulations.

We are convinced that this industry-driven initiative is an important opportunity to demonstrate to the public that a close relationship between companies and the healthcare sector is in the best interest of patients and will therefore establish mutual trust for a long term benefit.

In accordance with the reporting standards of the EFPIA Disclosure Code and all applicable data privacy regulations, the report lists the payments made to HCOs, HCPs and research and development for 2015. From the 30th June 2016 onwards, the report can be downloaded from the link on this website.

For countries with a local Sunshine regulation, the disclosable transactions have either been reported in accordance with the local authorities reporting system or on this website.

Transparency reports

AUSTRIA/Österreich  2015 data report       2016 data report       2017 data report
CROATIA/Hrvatska  2015 data report       2016 data report      2017 data report

 GEMS SCS- GE Healthcare SAS Avantages et Conventions Jan 2012- Juin 2013
GERMANY/Deutschland  2015 data report     2016 data report       2017 data report     
2017 data report (Patientenorganisationen)
GREECE/Ελλάδα  2015 data report     2016 data report      2017 data report
HUNGARY/Magyarország 2017 data report
ITALY/Italia  2015 data report    2016 data report       2017 data report     
NORWAY/Norge                  2015 data report           2016 data report         2017 data report                            2017 data report (pasientorganisasjoner)

SPAIN/ España  2015 data report        2016 data report        2017 data report     
UNITED KINGDOM 2013 - 2015 data reports