How To Decide If You Need To Upgrade Your MRI Machine

Upgrading your MRI machine is a big decision but it can also solve some of the challenges you may have with older systems.

While there never seems to be a perfect time to make a significant change in your current day to day operations, there are a few areas to consider when asking if an MRI upgrade is right for your organization.

Five areas tend to arise during the typical advancement discussion:                    

Improved clinical outcomes

  • Improvement in patient experience
  • Improvement in patient safety
  • Achieve the best possible clinical outcomes relative to benchmark
  • Improvement in hospital performance metrics/core measure targets
  • Improve physician alignment and consistency of practice

Greater operational efficiency

  • Optimize clinical and non-clinical labor spend                                              
  • Improve efficiency of support functions                                             
  • Reduce supply spend and optimize utilization                                              
  • Improve cross-facility collaboration
  • Ensure the efficient management of episodes of care
  • Improve workflow and patient management

Staff management and retention

  • Improve staff and physician engagement
  • Drive staff and physician development
  • Improve staff and physician satisfaction

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Increased patient volume

  • Resource allocation on priority services
  • Improve alignments with referring MDs
  • Improve capacity management
  • Expand number of payor contracts and improve the quality of portfolio contracts

Better financial performance

  • Increase reimbursement fees, payor rates, and collections
  • Increase capital efficiency
  • Increase contribution margin
  • Expand portfolio of revenue generating assets
  • Improve revenue cycle management