Mac-Lab/CardioLab v6.9 / 6.9.5


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About this class

The Mac-Lab/CardioLab v6.9 / 6.9.5 course will address customer service training requirements for Mac-Lab/CardioLab v6.9 / 6.9.5 systems. The target audience includes customer based biomedical personnel responsible for basic maintenance and service, of the MLCL 6.9 / 6.9.5 product line. This course will cover safety practices while working on MLCL, basic functionality of MLCL including user workflow, product documentation, system usage and system configuration settings, functional checks, maintenance tasks, and troubleshooting system problems. The MLCL v6.9 is an instructor-led course with lecture and hands-on lab time.

MacLab / Cardio Lab
CA1000 / MUSE / Nurses Workstation
INW / DMS Server