Nuclear Cardiac

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About this class

Exceptional imaging requires more than advanced equipment. It takes skilled, dedicated people who can confidently use the equipment to its fullest potential, helping to: increase patient throughput, produce outstanding images, reduce errors and retakes, and improve staff satisfaction, year after year.

The 3.5-day course at the GE Healthcare Institute in Milwaukee is designed to build on what Nuclear Medicine technologists have learned from their onsite training on cardiac applications. Course includes the use of CT attenuation correction, Evolution Applications, Basic EKG analysis and SPECT Reconstruction Theory and its effect on results. Software covered includes processing of the advanced data acquisitions from the Discovery NM 530c in list mode and the use of Alcyone MDC. Software packages covered include ECToolBox Cardiac processing, 4DM Cardiac application and the QGS/QPS Application

The GE Healthcare Nuclear Cardiac training course is designed to provide the attendee with the knowledge to successfully produce cardiac exams using various applications. This course will provide a framework for participants to teach other technologists at their facility.

Participants who meet attendance requirements are eligible for ASRT Continuing Education credits.