PET Tracerlab FX/FX2


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About this class

This 10 day course will provide classroom instructions and hands-on exercises on Tracerlab FX- FDG, FX C-PRO/FX2 C, FX F-N/FX 2 N, as well as an overview of FX F-E/FX2 E, FX-MEI/Fx2-MEI and FX-M/FX2 M. Topics covered include:

  • Installation including mechanical and computer setup as well as connections to hot-cells
  • Preventative Maintenance including diagnostic procedures, system tests and replacement of worn parts
  • Service common problems and possible sources of errors in operating procedures
  • Demonstration of low-activity run as diagnostic method and trouble-shooting exercises
  • Safety issues (EHS) Service job safety analysis and chemicals