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Power Quality Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Our full range of Power Quality service offerings are designed to maximize investments by protecting assets and avoiding downtime. 

  • Site Evaluations: Get the data and expertise you need to maximize investments by protecting assets and avoiding downtime.
  • Monitoring: Our monitoring services are designed to provide more accurate service diagnostics.
  • Turnkey Installation: A GE Turnkey UPS Installation provides complete installation services for the GE Digital Energy Signature Series family of UPS.
  • Service Contracts: Our service contracts are designed to help you avoid system downtime and resulting power damage.

Site Evaluations

  • Power Care Inventory: GE Energy National Service Program (NSP) offers a power care inventory at no cost. Our highly skilled NSP technicians will determine where your power assets are located and record specifications and most recent service. As a result, you will:
    • Know what you have
    • Get immediate recommendations of how to increase power reliability
    • Have an opportunity to extend the life cycle of your capital investments

Learn more by downloading our Power Care Inventory brochure.

  • Power Audit: How susceptible is your facility to outages, surges and interrupts? GE Energy power system experts can help you assess the risk. As part of a power audit, our team will:
    • Determine the source of power quality issues
    • Design system additions or expansions
    • Recommend optimum solutions

Learn more by downloading our Power Audit brochure.

Facility Monitoring

  • iSenseTM Monitors: Facility power events are a leading cause of unscheduled downtime and can cause equipment damage. The iSense device provides 24x7 power monitoring, along with detailed reporting and immediate event alerts via email, cell phone and PDA. This data and information will allow for more accurate servicediagnostics, as well as identification of power protection needs. iSense is designed to help you:
    • Improve equipment reliability & uptime
    • Improve productivity
    • Improve control of the electric utility relationship
    • Obtain clear, thorough & immediate power quality reporting and alerts, managed with iGrid website
    • Identify power protection needs
  • iGridTM: The iGrid is a unique web-based power quality and reliability monitoring system. Comprised of a global network of power quality monitors, the iGrid provides you with advanced notification, reporting and analysis from anywhere in the world - on any computer with an Internet connection.  With it, you'll get:
    • Region-wide analysis of event and weather correlation
    • Immediate notification of power quality events
    • Standardized data export

Turnkey Installation

Our turnkey UPS installation provides complete installation services for the GE Digital Energy Signature Series family of UPS. The package includes:

  • GE project management of the process from order receipt through startup and commissioning
  • Collaborative installation drawing development 
  • Project management for delivery and scheduling with minimum impact on patient care
  • Assembly of the wall mount and inter-connect Maintenance By-pass Panel 
  • All labor to position, interconnect and test unit for turnover and customer use 
  • Up to 100 feet of properly sized conduit and wiring to inter-connect the UPS unit
  • Updates to existing one-line electrical diagram 
  • Introductory training to familiarize user with routine operation of the unit
  • Walk through of facility power infrastructure and summary of findings 

Service Contracts

  • UPS Service: To help avoid potential downtime from unplanned outages, GE has developed maintenance packages designed specifically for UPS units used with diagnostic imaging systems. The programs can help reduce long-term costs and capital expenditures.

Contact your local GE Healthcare Representative to learn more.

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