Neuro Imaging Vascular Imaging Cardiology Imaging
AW's neurology imaging software helps you make fast, accurate assessments and confidently manage long-term neurodegenerative diseases.
AW's vascular imaging software offers radiologists reproducible, reliable, and non-invasive techniques that provide maximum clinical information.
AW streamlines post-processing and
synergizes information from multiple modalities, offering outstanding cardiology solutions with a single user-interface.
Oncology Imaging Emergency Imaging Pediatrics Imaging
Computed tomography is a powerful and versatile imaging tool in the fight against cancer. See anatomy and pathology clearly. Plan for cancer treatment with optimized dose.
GE's suite of proven, advanced diagnostic computed tomography solutions provides images to help you make critical decisions in Emergency Medicine.
In CT imaging, you can't view children as small adults. They are more sensitive to radiation, and require CT solutions specifically for their growing bodies.