Centricity EDI Services

Integrates workflow for claims into your revenue cycle

Centricity EDI Services

Integrates workflow for claims into your revenue cycle

Learn how Centricity EDI Services integrates workflow for healthcare claims into your revenue cycle solution to help improve efficiency in medical billing.

Centricity EDI Services
Rapid access to the business intelligence and comparative analytics needed to monitor, track, and respond to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) issues impacting your organization's financial and operational performance.

Accelerate the revenue cycle
Centricity EDI Services is a proven HIPAA compliant all-payer healthcare clearinghouse and proactive services offering that helps you reduce costs and A/R days, while optimizing profitability. Centricity EDI Services enables scheduling-to-payment workflow that electronically connects you to virtually any payer.  Centricity EDI Services fully integrates workflow for eligibility, claim information, and remittance data into your GE Healthcare revenue cycle solution to help you improve efficiency and reduce inaccuracies in the medical billing process.

Optimize financial performance and profitability
Centricity EDI Services streamlines financial operations, provides greater insight into financial performance, and helps you identify any patient billing issues before they disrupt or delay payments. 

Virtually eliminate manual “corrections” that may result in errors
Centricity EDI Services links you electronically to virtually every payer for the processing of claims information and electronic remittance advice. It automates eligibility verification, EOBs, referrals, and authorizations, while managing attachments, claims and remittances, and claims status checking, reducing unnecessary effort.

An extra set of eyes, without the extra FTEs
Centricity EDI Services provides results-based solutions that help you manage the collection process using fewer resources. Our expert service and integrated software offering can help improve the management of your revenue cycle.

Valuable business insights 
By providing a closer look at EDI transaction volumes, file and claim level rejection highlights, and rejection details, Centricity EDI Services helps you identify areas for improvement.

Proven, robust services
More than 2,100 healthcare organizations currently entrust GE Healthcare with their financial success by using Centricity EDI Services to manage over 588 million transactions annually.

We’ll monitor your revenue cycle, so you can focus on patient care. Centricity EDI Services allows your organization to process and track healthcare claims information through the entire medical billing cycle. Beginning with the first patient encounter, your staff can proactively verify health insurance eligibility.  Once electronic claims are submitted, Centricity EDI Services provides daily proactive monitoring of all EDI transactions to identify issues and automatically generate claims status inquiries. Thus preventing processing delays—before they can have a negative impact on your bottom line. 

Centricity EDI Services can be quickly implemented, and GE Healthcare staff will begin monitoring your revenue cycle performance immediately while also managing the technical backend—so you can focus on delivering healthcare and business processes.