Centricity Payer Connect

Helping to bridge the gap between payers and providers.

Centricity Payer Connect

Helping to bridge the gap between payers and providers.

GE Healthcare helps foster better communication of key clinical information between payers and providers to support the adoption of value-based care

With the accelerating shift to value-based care and as a result of not being able to engage fully with CMS payment, data and quality initiatives, both payers and providers are missing out on capturing bonuses, rebates and payment for patient services.

By improving payer provider collaboration, GE Healthcare can help providers deliver better care while receiving accurate payment for services needed and provided, while payers can be more confident that they are realizing the best care for their beneficiaries and return on their payments.

Centricity Payer Connect solutions include: Clinical Document Exchange

Centricity Payer Connect enables secure and near real-time data exchange between payers and providers to help optimize revenue and reduce operational costs for payers and providers serving the Medicare and Medicaid patient population.


Gaps in Care
Centricity Payer Connect enables payers to share gaps in care information of Medicare/Medicaid and other managed patient populations with provider networks, enabling gaps to be closed in a timely manner and thereby improving the overall health of the population.

Risk Adjustment
Centricity Payer Connect can help providers identify which problem codes are relevant to ensure that accurate Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) are used when submitting claims. Using the correct ICD-10 and HCC codes helps ensure accuracy of reporting and enables payers to receive more accurate payment rates and premiums.

Centricity Practice Solution and Centricity EMR customers can enroll in Centricity Payer Connect today at no cost*. Once your organization is enrolled, we'll set up the ability to share specific information from your Centricity Practice Solution or Centricity EMR system with participating payers.

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