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DV25.0 Continuum™ Pak

Recharge your MR experience.

SPARK a new future of growth

Sometimes all it takes is a spark to inspire a whole new era of growth.

The DV25.0 Continuum™ Pak is just that. It provides you with leading advancements in patient comfort, the technology to meet the latest diagnostic trends and the applications to address challenges unique to today's clinical environment.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new platform or already have a premium platform1, the DV25.0 Continuum Pak will help ensure that your future with MR is bright.

Download the DV25.0 Continuum Pak brochure.

1. Discovery™ MR750, MR750w, and MR 450, and Optima™ MR450w and 450w GEM systems.


Realize the full potential of MR imaging.

The DV25.0 Continuum Pak offers enhancements that allow you to get the most from your Optima MR450w, Discovery MR750 and MR750w scanners. These improvements allow you to work more productively, boost patient comfort and increase your diagnostic power.

Benefits of the DV25.0 Continuum Pak include:

EXPAND your commitment to patient comfort

The DV25.0 Continuum Pak allows you to revitalize your commitment to patient care by bringing leading advancements in comfort to your clinical offering.

SilentSuite, our latest advancement in MR noise-reduction technology, has the potential to transform a patient's MR experience. With SilentSuite, you can conduct an entire neuro exam, now including diffusion, at near ambient levels. Other anatomies are now added to the list so routine exams can be performed at less than 11dB(A).

In addition, the DV25.0 Continuum Pak includes GEM Flex positioners, which embrace patient anatomies and speed up scan set up times. All of this combined with new applications, like Turbo LAVA and eXpress Prescan, help to reduce table time for patients in addition to significantly reducing breath-hold duration.

DEFINE your next diagnostic move

Being strategic about clinical imaging requires having the foresight to revitalize the way you image today so that you are prepared for the imaging trends that will define the future of MR. The DV25.0 Continuum Pak provides you with key technologies to reposition your clinical capabilities for your next diagnostic move.

EMPOWER your clinical performance

In order to meet today's productivity demands, we listened to our customers and developed a strategic set of workflow enhancements to accommodate higher patient volumes and an increasingly diverse range of patient and operator situations.

The DV25.0 Continuum Pak reduces pre-scan set up times by up to 6 minutes with new automating procedures. It also takes the guesswork out of more complicated procedures with new linking and copy/paste enhancements for protocol creation. And, because the GEM Flex coil positioners help you accommodate most patient sizes, you get the advantages of rigid coils without their limitations. Which means easier set up and less patient movement during an exam.

SUPERCHARGE your Discovery MR750

The Discovery MR750PLUS upgrade delivers improved image uniformity and consistency with our latest MultiDrive capabilities, allowing for exceptional body, breast and neuro imaging results. Our Integrated Coil solution combines the high performance head and neck coil with the latest advancement in torso coil design. This allows for 'eyes to thighs' imaging with no need to reposition your patient delivering a new level of capability for the Discovery MR750 platform.

These hardware improvements combined with all of the latest applications, including the unique DISCO application, provide even higher spatial and temporal resolution imaging results. With 1.5 mm isotropic dynamic acquisitions in less than 4 seconds, the Discovery MR750PLUS truly supercharges what's possible with your MR.


A robust collection of applications to improve workflow and boost diagnostic power.

The DV25.0 Continuum Pak offers the latest advanced applications to supplement your Discovery MR750 and MR750w and Optima MR450w system to help you utilize the full potential of MR imaging.

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