AirStrip ONE mobile platform

AirStrip ONE mobile platform

The AirStrip ONE mobile platform helps care team members collaborate quickly, efficiently, and effectively, no matter where they are. It combines data from multiple sources/vendors into a single user interface on iOS and Android platforms, providing a more comprehensive picture of patient data at the clinicians’ fingertips.

The AirStrip ONE® platform provides an integrated view of patient information from multiple data sources into a common user experience, enhancing communication, care collaboration and workflow efficiency. It supports mobility across the continuum of care: ambulance, ER, critical care, step-down units, clinic, office, and more. Clinicians receive a complete picture of a patient's health at the moment of care, from anywhere.

  • Seamless, secure, and immediate communication of clinically relevant details
  • Remote monitoring of patients inside and outside the hospital across all mobile devices
  • Support for consultation among all care team members
  • Integration with GE patient monitoring and MUSE™ cardiology information systems
  • Integration of multiple data types including monitoring data, medical history, waveforms, clinical notes, lab results and radiographic images1

AirStrip ONE comes backed by the full expertise of GE Healthcare, a proven developer and integrator of healthcare mobility solutions and a value-added partner in helping care networks improve efficiency, clinical effectiveness, and financial performance.

1. Imaging functionality is provided outside AirStrip.