• Staff and Patient Safety
    The disinfectant seal is pierced by insertion into the system, eliminating chemical exposure. The ultrapure filtration system helps ensure that fumes are automatically neutralized and the disinfectant is seamlessly captured and purged. Five rinse cycles, versus three with other systems, help remove any disinfectant residue from the probe.
  • Quick Start
    You get what you need for precleaning and the disinfectant comes ready for use in a premeasured, single-use pack.

  • Probe Protection
    TPorter® transportation unit, which is designed for TEE transducers, helps prevent damage while staff members transport the probes. Special storage cabinets maintain the right climate conditions and security to prevent contamination.
  • Automated Reporting
    After completing the disinfection cycle, you automatically get the required printed verification, facilitating regulatory compliance.
  • Integrated leak testing
    Usually a separate step, with TD100® your required electrical leak testing is built directly into the TD100® process to make it quick, clean and easy.