Campouts are more fun with the Adventure Series characters. Come join the fun!

Camping for kids! In the MR Cub Camp Adventure the scanner is a tent and the loading table a sleeping bag. Patients can pretend to sing around a campfire with the Adventure Series characters.

Put the child in the driver's seat, and help pretend that the imaging process becomes playtime and the procedure is now an adventure. Embrace their imaginations through imaging that puts the child first.

Learn more by downloading our Adventure Series brochure.

The MR Cub Camp Adventure is available on the Discovery™ MR 750 or MR450, Optima™ MR450w, Signa™ HDxt 3.0T or 1.5T, Signa™ Vibrant 1.5T and the Signa™ HDi 1.5T. The MR Adventure Series can be installed on smooth walls or textured/acoustic material walls.