Clinicians skilled in the practice of low and minimal flow anaesthesia delivery understand that sometimes less is more.


Although redesigned from the ground up, we built the Avance* CS2** using familiar platform components from the original Avance Carestation*, leveraging our 100-year expertise as a global leader in anaesthesia delivery.

We then chose to enhance it even further with innovative technologies and intuitive workflow features for those who value sophisticated, high-acuity care.

Anchoring the Avance CS2 is a sleek user-interface enabled by a beautiful 15-inch touchscreen display.

See for yourself how it can help take the work out of your workflow.

Physician working with Avance CS2 with ecoFLOW
GE Healthcare over 100 years in Anaesthesia -over 100 active patents - over 100.000 units sold

** Not for sale in all markets. Not for sale in the USA and not cleared by the U.S. FDA.
Please check with your sales representative. Always refer to the complete instructions manuals before use.