Radiology & Imaging Center

Bone and Musculoskeletal Radiology is an essential clinical service offered by many Radiology Imaging centers and Radiology departments in hospitals around the world.

As Radiologists increasingly work in larger and larger groups, critical efficiency and cost improvements are the need of the hour. Driven by consolidation in the industry and need for better cost savings, Radiology centers are looking for a quick, accurate, safe and comfortable diagnosis for every patient.

Our DXA Bone and Metabolic Health portfolio can help you achieve economic and clinical outcomes in your specialty and offer a comfortable patient experience to your patients.

As a Radiologist, you can feel confident with the precision, accuracy and reliability of the GE technology that arms you with the right toolsets to provide increased clinical confidence in your diagnosis. Along with precision and accuracy of measurements, our products offer high quality images on the foundation of lower dosage of the DXA technology in comparison to traditional X-ray systems.

As a Radiology Technologist or a Radiology Assistant, you will receive excellent support on workflow efficiency, higher throughput, patient positioning tips, help in performing error-free scans, world-class user interface, and a product that offers a comfortable scan experience to your patients.

Explore our DXA Bone and Metabolic health portfolio by learning more about our products and clinical applications.

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