CardioMem CM 4000 Multi-channel ECG Recorder

A simple and reliable multi-channel ECG recorder that supports the Holter user through all phases of recording and analysis.

Enjoy simplicity and reliability – two of the hallmarks of the CardioMem CM 4000 ECG recorder.

This handy, lightweight recorder supports the user throughout all phases of recording and analysing Holter ECGs, from applying the electrodes and entering patient demographic data up to inspecting the ECG waveforms.

Advanced technology reduces the risk of corrupted or shortened recordings and minimizes the costs and troubles of repeat examinations.


Get advanced technology, simple enough for everyday use. 

  • Handy and lightweight design offers protection against dust and splashed water.
  • Special features reduce the risk of corrupted or shortened recordings and minimize extra costs and time associated with repeat examinations:
    • Faulty electrode detection.
    • Continuous battery monitoring.
  • Auxiliary information acquired simultaneously can aid in the final diagnosis:       
    • Transthoracic impedance variations (shows respiration activity during sleep).
    • Pacemaker function.
  • Large, colour display with touch screen offers an overview of all the necessary information.
  • Intuitive user menus. 
  • Choose between 5- or 7- lead patient cables for different types of recording.  
  • Integrated Bluetooth* module allows encrypted, bidirectional data transfer for wireless set up. Patient demographic data can be: 
    • Wirelessly transferred to the recorder. 
    • Entered manually using the recorder interface provided.
    • Dictated through the built-in voice recorder.
  • After recording, transfer the file to a PC via hi-speed USB interface.


The CardioMem CM 4000 and CM 4000 B Feature: 

  • Recording: 2- or 3-channel ECG, optional respiration.
  • Operating time: Up to 5 days (depending on battery type).
  • Sampling rate: 1024 Hz /12 bit.
  • Display: 6 cm (2.4 in) touch screen, self-orientating.  
  • Storage medium: Integrated micro SD card. 
  • Data transfer: Hi-speed USB, optional Bluetooth**.  
  • Casing: Ingress protection against dust & splashed water.
  • Both recorders are equipped with manual event activation.
    • CM 4000 housing is 14.5 mm thin and has a battery compartment for one LR03 (AAA) battery – sufficient for continuous recordings up to 48 hours. 
    • CM 4000 B has a slightly larger battery compartment and can operate up to 5 days with one 1.5 V LR6 (AA) battery.