Flexible alarm options help support smart workflow and a more restful patient environment, with alarm management settings that can be customized to meet specific care area needs.

Monitor alarms are essential for alerting caregivers to changes in patients’ condition. But inaccurate or too-frequent alarms can erode the quality of care. Excessive alarms may increase patient and family anxiety, overwhelm and stress clinicians, and even lead to alarms being silenced, disabled or ignored. Alarm management technologies from GE Healthcare enhance patient monitoring and alarm accuracy, reduce false alarms, all while helping to ensure that when alarms do sound they are clinically significant. The technologies include sophisticated monitor algorithms and tools to help clinicians tailor alarms for specific patient conditions. 

  • The GE EK-Pro multi-lead ECG algorithm reliably detects arrhythmias while reducing false alarms.

  • GE has developed enhanced alarm detection through parameter fusions, like GE Healthcare software algorithm called Intellirate. This technology reduces needless clinician interruptions, improves patient care workflow, and reduces risks associated with high rate of false alarms by utilizing information contained in multiple physiologic signals (e.g. ECG, arterial blood pressure, and pulse oximetry) to determine which heart rate source has the highest likelihood of being accurate and reporting the most accurate rate.

  • CARESCAPE Modular Monitors provide enhanced alarm management with wide alarm configurability and customization possibilities, where "Alarm limits", "Alarm priorities" from Low/Med/High to "Alarm Escalation" are user configurable and can be saved in work flow specific and patient specific profiles.’

  • Bed-to-bed viewing with Automatic view on Alarm (AVOA) feature in CARESCAPE Modular Monitors, improves the workflow efficiency in managing patient alarms remotely from one bed to another with or without a central station.

  • Remote configuration of alarms, alarm volumes and alarm limits for enhanced workflow and comfortable patient care environment can be achieved with CARESCAPE Clinical information Center Pro.

  • The GE Ascom patient alarm management solution helps to ensure that an alarm notification reaches the right caregivers wherever they are on the hospital site adding mobility to patient data distribution in real time.

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