CASE Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing

Put the stress on performance and efficiency with productivity-enhancing applications and features.

The CASE v6.7 Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing puts the stress on performance.   

Innovative algorithms help you assess cardiac function conveniently during exercise with greater diagnostic confidence. The scalable CASE system combines enhanced networking and smooth connectivity for maximum efficiency and productivity.


Get proven clinical excellence. 

  • Assess cardiac function conveniently during exercise. 
  • Innovative algorithms offer great diagnostic confidence.    

Maximize efficiency and enhance productivity. 

  • Connect your CASE system to a Local Area Network (LAN), and store patient data and test results to a central database. 
  • Physicians can review, edit and print data remotely, so the stress lab can concentrate on testing.

Expand your networking options. 

  • Enhance your digital workflow with connectivity to EMR, MUSE* Cardiology Information System and PACS. 
  • Whether you use a standalone system, a group of workstations or a complete enterprise solution, we have the scalable solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow. 

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Take advantage of scalable IT solutions.


The CASE system is based on an IT platform that pairs enhanced networking and connectivity with data security for advanced productivity you can trust. The CASE system delivers high scalable solutions to meet virtually any facility’s performance and productivity requirements. 

  • Single, network or Enterprise options: for these options, CASE can be configured to maximize productivity and simplify workflow based on your facility’s IT and clinical needs. 
  • CASE networking: Connect your CASE system to a LAN for connectivity solutions that improve productivity. Add CardioSoft* client software to a PC to create a remote workstation for viewing, editing and printing stress data – reserving your CASE system for testing.     

Open system architecture 

GE Healthcare uses industry-standard communication protocols, including HL7, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM), XML and TCP/IP. 

  • The DICOM Modality Worklist supports bi-directional data exchange and simultaneous review of imaging and ECG data, to improve dual modality procedure efficiency. 
  • The Web view feature allows Internet access to procedure reports from anywhere, with access privileges controlled by your IT department for data security. 
  • Easily connected PC client workstations increase efficiency in report editing and confirmation. Client workstations can be added as your needs grow to support access to multiple CASE systems.     

Security and compliance 

  • CASE protects your data and system with multi-level password login configurations.   

Export flexibility 

  • Send data easily by exporting via PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel® or XML. 
  • The PDF file name can be automatically generated based on patient demographic data, ensuring an accurate match to patient EMR or HIS files.     

Support services 

GE Healthcare technical support experts are ready to provide: 

  • Installation, 
  • System configuration, 
  • HL7 integration, 
  • Upgrade services 

 Remote support, including 24/7 availability