Centricity™ Open PACS AI Solution

Edison Open AI Orchestrator, part of the Edison Family of GE Healthcare Solutions is designed to seamlessly interface clinical applications into the radiology workflow.

Become empowered to transform your wokflow with AI

As a radiologist, you have the difficult challenge of not only assessing patient information and providing a differential diagnosis, but also determining which cases to read at any given time. Centricity™ Open PACS AI Solution helps empower you even further, combining the power of AI with robust automation tools, providing functionalities and capabilities that weren’t before possible.

The results is a new integrated, and unified user experience can enable radiologists to:

  • Optimize exam prioritization
  • Utilize AI Clinical applications to Identify high-risk patients earlier
  • Leverage AI applications to help provide decision support in the reading workflow
  • Facilitate quality-control programs
  • Introducing Centricity Open PACS AI. Bringing the power of AI into the radiologist workflow

    • The right information
    • At the right time
    • For the right patient
  • Radiology. On your terms.

    Learning new software can be frustrating, especially when your workload is already high. Centricity™ Open PACS starts with the workflow that radiologists are already familiar with – but then enhances it with streamlined workflows and improved functionality. That means your team benefits from reduced clicks and number of UX interactions – rather than having to learn a whole new system.
  • Clinicians. Supported.

    For busy clinicians who are already working hard to meet patient demands, workflow is often an area that is ripe for improvement.

    The Centricity™ Open PACS AI Solution features the Edison Open AI Orchestrator, specifically designed to improve workflow. And, when combined with the Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint enterprise viewer, it can facilitate collaboration by placing exams quickly into the hands of the extended care team – no matter where they are. 
  • Complete solutions today, scalable for tomorrow.

    The space of AI solutions offered by startups is becoming increasingly crowded. At GE Healthcare, we believe the support offered by companies can be as important as the quality of products or services offered. 

    The Centricity Open PACS AI Solution is part of the Edison Intelligent systems framework, the intelligence platform from GE Healthcare. Designed to help provide you with greater efficiency, improved outcomes, and increase access to care, the Edison platform offers a pre-integrated catalog of healthcare-specific services. It’s why AI developers around the world choose the Edison platform.
  • Extensive expertise, seamless execution.

    The Centricity Open PACS AI Solution can benefit you from not only deeper insights, but the extensive global industry partnerships and integration of GE Healthcare. That means you benefit from a single contact for implementing clinical applications and streamlined imaging workflows.


Centricity PACS AI Brochure


Edison Open AI Orchestrator Brochure


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