ComboLab Electrophysiology and Hemodynamic Recording System

ComboLab, merging electrophysiology (EP) and hemodynamics into one powerful recording system, features seamless interoperability, excellent signal fidelity, and increased security to help drive clinical productivity in a cost-effective package.

From admittance and diagnosis to treatment and billing, ComboLab optimizes your workflow, productivity, and throughput. Advanced algorithms provide enhanced signal fidelity to EP recording, helping better visualize small physiological signals. Integrated documentation, comprehensive interoperability, and standardized point-of-care information collection help streamline reporting. With the flexibility to perform both hemodynamic and EP procedures on one single platform, ComboLab provides the advanced clinical tools needed to help physicians deliver quick, confident diagnoses.
  • Superior signal quality

    Innovative signal processing provides clear, crisp signals to help better visualize small physiological signals throughout a procedure. Alongside computer-assisted measurements of selected intervals, CardioLab's multi-leg calipers help simplify complex interval measurements through real-time charting. The intuitive user interface features easy-to-use event and procedure note recording capabilities to enhance department workflow by reducing redundant data-entry. And with drivers for most RF and Cryo Generators, a dedicated ablation window helps integrate a continuous display of impedance data into procedures to help meet the needs of individual physicians.

  • Stay connected

    An interoperable environment allows different information technology systems and software applications to communicate and exchange information. This helps improve healthcare delivery by providing timely and smooth data transitions to clinicians. ComboLab systems provide this required interoperability through a variety of features.
Maclab Cardiolab
  • 3D Mapping

  • Ablation Generator

  • CVIS

  • ECG Management

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • FFR Systems

  • Hospital Info Systems

  • Image Sources

  • IVUS

  • NCDR Registry

  • PACS

  • Patient Monitors

  • Pediatric Reporting

  • Xray

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