The GE Health Cloud is designed to be a scalable, secure, connected cloud ecosystem to help manage the volume, velocity and variety of healthcare data.

The GE Health Cloud is designed to be a scalable, secure, connected and interoperable platform, delivering the largest application ecosystem for the healthcare industry.

Designed to integrate into clinical workflows while managing the volume, velocity, and variety of healthcare data, the GE Health Cloud will be capable of connecting to more than 500,000 GE medical imaging machines and more than 1.5 million imaging machines worldwide. Additionally, the GE Health Cloud will be capable of linking to millions of other healthcare devices including patient monitoring, diagnostics, anesthesia delivery, ultrasound, mammography and various data sources.

Featured Application

Centricity Imaging Collaboration Suite
Making it easy for healthcare providers to share patient images, collaborate on clinical workflows, and communicate results.

Developers (ISVs)

Designed to allow you to build healthcare applications using the latest technologies on a purpose-built platform, backed by global distribution capabilities. A customized platform will allow independent software vendors to easily create and market a new breed of healthcare solutions to meet healthcare providers' clinical, financial, operational and analytics needs

Platform for hosting healthcare apps
You will be able to deploy your existing application in a secured and scalable platform designed for healthcare. Get access to User Management, authentication and authorization services, and business operations services.

Application ecosystem
Market and sell applications to GE's broad customer base from the enterprise app store when launched in global markets; when available, the enterprise app store will allow you to capitalize on new market opportunities and leverage new business models while exposing your application to leading healthcare systems worldwide.

Billing & subscription management tools
Intended to help you grow business with scalable business operation services for billing and subscription management.

Partner with us in the future to gain access to GE Healthcare's vast network of customers around the globe. Together, we can drive game-changing outcomes for customers. Top software partners and systems integrators are building custom solutions on the GE Health Cloud.