Centricity™ RIS-i

An information and workflow management system for radiology and nuclear medicine departments, outpatient centers and clinics.


Key RIS Benefits

This Radiology Information System (RIS) allows healthcare organisations to manage their radiology workflow 
in the most effective way, helping to:

  • Improve throughput, increasing imaging department efficiency -

    streamlined radiology workflow, advanced clinical tools and real-time insights contribute to increased productivity and reduced costs in radiology imaging services across multiple departments, hospitals and organisations.
  • Drive integrated collaborative care –

    facilitating collaboration between referring clinicians, radiologists and other experts in multiple locations, with an enhanced MDT Module.
  • Enable teleradiology and cross-site reporting -

    across a healthcare community with web-based and integrated reporting solutions, which facilitate the management of the reporting workload across multiple medical sites and help increase productivity.
  • Streamline intelligent scheduling –

    and prioritisation of medical appointments and procedures with tools such as rules based booking templates and colour to ensure appropriate exam booking.
  • Centricity™ eRadCockpit

    Centricity eRadCockpit is a web-based reporting platform that enables radiologists to rationalise their reporting workflow, access pertinent information and second opinions, and share workloads and medical reporting across sites anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

    It allows radiology departments to maximize efficiency by helping to optimize imaging workflow, connect experts, leverage the existing infrastructure and open the doors beyond radiology to share patient data across the e-health enterprise.
    Centricity RIS-i eRadCockpit provides a highend Teleradiology solution for centralised imaging reporting workflows across multiple de-centralised Centricity RIS/PACS.
  • Centricity™ RadCockpit

    Centricity RIS-i RadCockpit is an integrated desktop reporting software solution designed to help increase hospital productivity. It is the valuable key between diagnosis, administration and patient.

    It enables improved patient care through reduced diagnosis and turnaround times. 
    It offers seamless integration of Centricity Universal Viewer.
    Centricity RIS-i RadCockpit not only takes over from paper and administrative work, but also helps to optimize the hospital’s imaging workflow management.

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