Edison™ Open AI Orchestrator

Edison Open AI Orchestrator, part of the Edison family by GE Healthcare, is designed to seamlessly integrate Artificial Intelligence based clinical applications into the radiology workflow.

Seamlessly Interface AI into your PACS Imaging Workflows.


Edison Open AI Orchestrator enables quick deployment of AI and non-AI based clinical applications, easy configuration of workflows and algorithm parameters, and provides the ability to easily experiment with GE and 3rd party AI applications.

  • Introducing Edison Open AI Orchestrator to simplify the use of Artificial Intelligence in the radiology reading workflow. Backed by the power of Edison to empower radiologists to reach new heights:

    • The right diagnosis
    • For the right patient
    • At the right time
  • Efficient. Improved. Familiar.

    Edison Open AI Orchetrator is different. It effectively orchestrates the application of assistive productivity-enhancing technologies in the radiology reading workflows in a way that reduces clicks and the number of UX interactions rather than adding to them. It also reduces the requirement to learn and adapt reading habits to new workflows.

  • Imagine and transform.

    Edison Open AI Orchestrator was designed to seamlessly interface clinical applications into the radiology reading workflow. It also provides a flexible, unified solution to allow organizations to quickly deploy AI-based clinical algorithms and optimize workflow processes.

    By way of a visual workflow editor, users can document the implemented care process and required parameters of operation. It efficiently manages these applications along with their execution and dataflows by orchestrating the inter-operation with various imaging devices, data stores and other information technology systems. 

  • Powerful AI backed by first-in-class service.

    Progressive healthcare institutions need to balance functionality and support. That also means consideration for the future is needed. With Edison Open AI Orchestrator, you can expect:

    • Seamless interface with existing imaging equipment
    • Optimization for existing Centricity™ PACS
    • Compatibility with third-party vendors
    • World-class service and support
    • Ability to maximize existing GE Healthcare investments


Edison Open AI Orchestrator Brochure


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2. Edison Datalogue Connect is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.