Excellent coverage and multiplane visualization designed to help you perform time course studies with clinical confidence.

FGRE Time Course

The first choice for stress studies, FGRE Time Course delivers excellent temporal and spatial resolution images in multiple planes, to help capture difficult to see pathologies, like the apical thrombus (above).

Benefits include:

  • Multiplanar acquisition for simultaneous short and long axis visualization
  • Excellent temporal resolution (3-4 slices per RR)
  • Resistant to off-resonance & eddy current effects
  • Excellent for stress study on stunned vs. infarcted myocardium
  • FGRE Time Course deploys single shot FGRE with interleaved slice acquisition. The background suppression options include notch-selective inversion pulse for high temporal resolution and saturation pulse resulting in uniform fat suppresion in multiplanar acquisition.
  • Shorter excitation RF pulse (200 μs) accelerated with ASSET.

"Overall both (FGRE Time Course Saturation and Notch) sequences bring a significant improvement in image quality compared to previous sequences we have used."
Dr. Richard Slaughter
Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

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