Excellent bilateral dynamic contrast breast imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution.

VIBRANT is a technique for simultaneous, high-definition fat-suppressed bilateral breast imaging in axial and sagittal scan planes. Standard 1D parallel acceleration is available in slice direction to shorten scan times. Two D  acceleration in both phase encoding and slice-select direction is possible for VIBRANT with ARC.1 The result is high spatial and temporal resolution images that demonstrate exquisite contrast and high lesion conspicuity.

  • Bilateral, high resolution imaging in the breast in the axial and sagittal scan plane
  • Homogeneous fat suppression over both breasts
  • Water Excitation and Adiabatic Spectral Inversion for B1- insensitive fat suppression at 3T1
  • Dual-shim volumes support for homogeneous fat suppression

“VIBRANT ability to individually FatSat each breast, plus the added capability to scan bilateral sagittal or bilateral axial breasts have significantly improved our breast imaging program.”

Dick Kelly, Chief MRI Technologist, Exempla Lutheran Medical Center

1. This feature is currently available for selected MRI systems only.


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