GE Healthcare puts forward visionary MR imaging techniques that can help clinicians gain insight into a patient’s condition with the potential for reducing biopsy, sedation or contrast injection.

Needle-Free Suite
Clinical results. Non-invasive exams.

There is growing awareness that many procedures involving needles such as biopsy, contrast injection, and sedation can have potentially dangerous side effects to patients, add additional costs to procedures, and extend patient recovery times.

Whether it's assessing a whole liver parenchyma non-invasively, capturing arterial and venous flow in fine detail without contrast or correcting for patient motion to reduce the need for sedation, the Needle-Free Suite focuses on the way MR should be − obtaining clinical results through non-invasive exams.

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Less Biopsies
Less Constrast
Less Sedation

Less Biopsies

Less Contrast

Less Sedation