Panda Warmer

The Panda* Warmer for Labor & Delivery helps keep the healthy baby healthy.


Panda* Warmer: 

Keeps baby warm and you cool 

An innovative recessed heater design lets you see and access your patients, and it keeps patients warm and content while keeping you cool and comfortable. 

Gives you more room to work 

The Panda* Warmer’s compact size allows more room for you and your patient’s family to interact with baby.

Designed for simplicity and ease of use 

Features such as the hands-free alarm silence, a full-color display, and integrated scale help you provide better care to your patients.  

Lets you warm up the bed without dealing with nuisance alarms 

You can turn on the Panda* warmer well in advance to have the bed warm when the baby arrives. 

Provides quick access to resuscitation therapy Optional integrated SPO2 and resuscitation systems offer you a quick access to deliver resuscitation therapy to high-risk newborn in case things don’t go as planned. 

Gives you peace of mind with the support you need 

The Panda* warmer is supported with optional multi-year service coverage, technical support, and additional education and training programs.


Care for sick newborns immediately

Integrated resuscitation is available with minimal setup for high-risk deliveries, which helps standardize resuscitation protocols across the perinatal care area.

Monitor your patients with integrated, full-color displays

A brilliant full-color display provides information about your patient in an easy-to-read format. In addition, full-color trends track your patient’s temperature, weight, SpO2, and pulse rate.

Silence alarms without touching anything

The hands-free alarm silencing feature lets you control alarms by simply moving your hand in front of the sensor.  

Adjust the lighting

With dimmable observation lights and an integrated procedure light, you have the right lights for your patient.

Large, drop down, removable doors and centralized control screen placement provide quick and easy patient access from either side of the bed.

Elevating base offers a broad adjustable range to ensure a comfortable working height for procedures or family interaction.

Integrated scale allows quick and accurate assessment and trending of baby’s growth and development.

360 View


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  • Recessed Heater Head

    Recessed heater head with Hourglass Heat Profile focuses heat to provide uniform coverage across the mattress. Allows clinician to stay cool while the baby stays warm and content.
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  • The Right Lights

    Dimmable observation light allows you to easily control light levels. Easy-to-position integrated amiable light provides better lighting during procedures.
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  • Hands Free Alarm Silence

    Caregivers can easily silence alarms by simply waving a hand past the sensor, preventing cross contamination and addressing alarm fatigue.
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  • Full-Color Control

    Full-color control panel is readily accessible and easy to use. All patient information is vividly displayed on the monitor in real time, even providing a photo opportunity for new parents.
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  • Integrated Options

    Integrated options include T-piece or bag and mask resuscitation, blended oxygen, SpO2 monitoring and in-bed scale. Ensures that what you need is always available with minimal set-up.
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