B1x5M Patient Monitors

Intuitive, scalable and connected patient monitors

Clinical precision

Premium clinical algorithms give you accurate and reliable measurements

Intuitive design

Simple features and smart tools can help you develop better care plans

Scalable platform

Add additional parameter modules to move from standard monitoring to advanced

Securely connected

System connectivity ensures data is delivered to where it needs to be, securely

Powering your performance

Quickly manage changing patient conditions with B1x5M modular patient monitors. With your choice of 10-, 12- or 15-inch capacitive touch screen displays, these modular patient monitors deliver premium clinical performance across care areas, allowing you to monitor essential vital signs and easily scale up to three advanced parameters simultaneously.
Decades of expertise

Precise, intuitive, scalable, and connected patient monitoring across care areas

The B155M, B125M and B105M range of modular patient monitors is built from decades of expertise in patient monitoring. Its scalable and forward-looking design is intended to deliver high quality monitoring so clinicians have what they need to make better decisions.
Clinical precision

Premium clinical algorithms give you immediate and reliable measurements.

GE HealthCare’s long history of clinical excellence in designing reliable patient monitoring solutions provides you with advanced measurements such as:


EK-Pro v14 arrhythmia algorithm

CO₂ sidestream and cardiac output

Neuromuscular transmission


Surgical Pleth Index (SPI™)²

Airway gases and anaesthetic agents


TruSignal RRsv™ single vector respiratory rate

Intuitive design

Take action to address patient conditions quickly with clinically efficient tools

The B1x5M monitors have intuitive features and smart tools designed to help you develop better care plans.

Simple design allows you to quickly admit patients and visualise relevant case information in any care environment.

A barcode reader for both traditional barcode and QR codes expedites patient admittance.¹

Early Warning Score (EWS) features help you to effectively monitor deteriorating patients’ conditions and make timely interventions.

Clinical tools like VTach criteria, Tachy, Full Arrhythmia Analysis, and Full Disclosure help in enabling better clinical decisions and an NIBP Venous Stasis feature helps you locate the vein for venous cannulation.

The monitors also boast easy alarm setup, latching alarms and customized rule engine for group notification to meet your clinical demands.

Gesture-based audible alarm silencing technology helps reduce the number of unnecessary touches to support your infection prevention protocols.

Scalable platform

Designed for versatile care while scalable for growth

A single frame at the back and optional two-slot parameter module frame allow three modules to be connected simultaneously, enabling support across care areas and specialised departmental needs.

Monitors come with easy mounting solutions for the patient’s bedside.

An open architecture allows you to advance your current solution with new innovations as we continue to develop advancements to keep patients safe.

Securely connected

Tried and tested for high performance and encrypted for protection

In a connected world, cybersecurity is one of the most important healthcare concerns. The B1x5M modular monitors help resist multiple types of cyber attacks and follow the FDA Draft Guidance for cybersecurity in medical devices.

The WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise security mechanisms provide superior data protection, and the monitor is tested to handle external signal interference. Because signal performance may be affected in noisy environments, the B1x5M monitors use a new ECG filter that may help reduce ECG noise and artefacts.

Perioperative excellence

Adequacy of Anesthesia (AoA) concept

Designed for the OR, these monitors help guide anesthetic delivery based on distinct patient response variables to reduce unwanted effects. Plus, the following advanced parameters and tools include AoA for assessing patient response to inhaled and intravenous anaesthetic and analgesic drugs:

  • Entropy module monitors level of consciousness to possibly reduce agent consumption.
  • Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT) module provides quantitative measurements to tailor NMBA dosages and helps eliminate adverse clinical events attributed to residual paralysis.
  • Surgical Pleth Index (SPI) allows clinicians to monitor real time adult patients’ responses to surgical stimuli and help optimise analgesia analgesia delivery.
A single solution

See what you need to see to boost operating room excellence and streamline OR workflow

When combined with the Carestation 6x0 anaesthesia machines, the B1x5M monitors provide monitoring excellence in a single Carestation solution—delivering a comprehensive view of each patient’s state, adding clarity and enabling quick decision support. Designed to streamline OR workflow, it allows you to easily access spirometry, gases, alarm status, and ventilation settings data on the numerical trends and alarm history of the monitor.

Both anaesthesia and monitor data can be exported to direct HL7, S/5 serial output, and CARESCAPE™ Network to the EMR. Anaesthesia data can be printed or exported to a USB drive for documentation.

  1. Supports barcode model CR1500.
  2. SPI is not FDA cleared and is not available in the U.S.

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