Smart Connected Solutions

Complement your multi-vendor ecosystem with Smart Connected Solutions to connect people, data and existing systems to drive smart outcomes.

  • Boundaryless collaboration
  • Vendor neutral sharing and visualisation
  • Advanced analytics. 

Boundaryless collaboration

Some outcomes achieved by your peers

  • 129.7k GBP  
    postage costs avoided
    across 5 trusts in 12 months1
  • >85% 
    reduction in Workflow
    turnaround time (TAT)
    from >7d to 1d1
  • Reduction  
    in CD burning1
  • Access 
    to patient record images across the hospital network1

Vendor neutral sharing and visualisation

Some outcomes achieved by your peers

  • 30% 
    time savings with vendor neutral sharing and visualisation
  • Full picture 
    of the patient easily accessible at any time, from any place
  • Reduction 
    in repeat test or scan requests saving time and money
  • Enhanced 
    decision making for clinicians2

Advanced analytics

Some outcomes achieved by your peers

  • 30.85%
    reduction in outsourcing
    radiology costs
  • 102.7K GBP  
    savings through
    insourcing reporting
  • Optimised 
    radiology resource allocation1
  • 30% increase  
    in productivity of mammography service3

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