How is your CT life cycle treating you?

Healthcare providers are holding on to their CT systems for longer and at the same time, fewer providers are able to upgrade their equipment over its life span. This results in unwanted variation in CT scanners and capabilities across your fleet, which creates inefficiencies like extra training for your staff, additional protocol work and difficulties in scheduling. This “buy, use, replace” acquisition model doesn’t work for everyone. We’ve already seen this play out in consumer technology where manufacturers removed the connection between hardware and software. Now, brand new features are automatically uploaded to our devices overnight. We applied this same thinking to CT technology with Smart Subscription.

A CT that’s always improving

Smart Subscription helps you avoid obsolescence by providing the latest upgrades and updates to your CT capabilities as soon as they’re available. Instead of a CT that starts to “fall behind” technologically from the time you order it, you get a CT that’s always getting better.

See your entire fleet in a new light

The only thing better than guaranteeing one of your CT systems has the latest applications, is guaranteeing your entire fleet does. With Smart Subscription, your CT capabilities and protocols can be universal across your entire fleet, which can significantly reduce the amount of time spent managing multiple sets of protocols across different CT systems. It also means every CT feels like the same CT. No matter where your technologists are scheduled to work, they don’t have to question whether they know which protocol they need to do their job. Imagine the savings you’ll have when your team can focus on a single set of capabilities.
application packages

With Smart Subscription, expand your capabilities

Smart Subscription includes a broad range of application packages across many different imaging services, giving you the flexibility to choose how you want to expand your CT capabilities.
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subscription plans

Pick the plan that’s right for you

Everyone starts with the same base package, the Recon & IQ Package. Then, you can choose to add additional packages individually or subscribe to the Unlimited Edition for access to all our packages.

The best version of your CT is still to come

Smart Subscription provides your CT or your CT fleet with the same consistent upgrades over time that you enjoy with many of the consumer devices found in your home today. Not only will you always have access to the latest CT capabilities, but any technologist will be able to sit at any CT and conduct any scan, saving your organization both time and money. For the first time, you can expect your CT to keep improving for as long as you have it. Contact your GE sales representative to help find the right Smart Subscription solution for you.