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Cost-effectively diagnose patients across a wide range of clinical applications including


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See and experience the Versana Essential ultrasound machine: its easy-to-use control panel, its elegant simplicity, and its multiple clinical capabilities.

See how ultrasound helps clinicians like you

A world-class ultrasound machine can help improve diagnostic quality and confidence, enabling you to refer patients promptly to the optimum course of treatment. View testimonials from physicians on what changed for them and their patients since they started using an ultrasound machine.

“I started to perform ultrasound examinations 7 years ago after being active as a Family Doctor for 12 years. I can´t imagine working without an ultrasound system now. It increases my diagnosis confidence and simplifies the diagnosis and treatment path”
Dr. Piotr Polánski, General Practicioner, Non-Public Healthcare Center, Mieroszow, Poland.

Primary care ultrasound

Real clinicians. Real people. Real benefits.

Check out testimonials from physicians on what changed for them and their patients since they started using an ultrasound machine.

“My patient volume has increased significantly – it has doubled or even tripled. Patients feel it´s very convenient to get a complete exam under one roof.”
Dr. Anuradha Lokare, Rainbow Healthcare, Yelahanka, Bangalore, India.

“I feel I am able to give better care to my patients.”
Dr. Sowmya Karthik, PoornaWomen and Child Clinic, Uttarahalli, India.

“I am now more confident in informing the patient’s condition. By using an ultrasound system, I can do more appropriate and more accurate diagnostics.”
Dr. Eka Sinatria P., General Practicioner, UPT Puskesmas Padasuka Bandung and Klinik Mutiara Cikutra Bandung, Indonesia.

Explore the features of Versana Essential

* May vary from country to country. Check with your GE sales representative for information on availability in your region.

  • Connectivity:

    • VGA, HDMI, S-video, USB, Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Ergonomics:

    • Front facing connectors for easy access
    • Small foot print
    • Light weight
    • Front and rear handles for easy maneuvering
    • 16:9 led backlit high-resolution monitor
  • Monitor screen:

    • Low reflective
    • 16:9 wide screen
    • Led backlit high resolution monitors
  • Probe holders:

    • Probe holders
    • Gel holder
  • Probe ports:

    • Front facing connectors for easy access

Versana Essential Software Features

  • Auto IMT - Automated measurement of IMT (Intima-media thickeness)
  • My Trainer - Product training modules with tips and information to configure the system and maximize workflow

  • NEW: Whizz - one-touch, dynamic image optimization

  • Scan Assistant - Basic and advanced protocols for obstetric, gynecological and abdominal scans

  • Scan Coach - Real-time reference information to help locate the correct scan plane.

  • SonoBiometry - Automated fetal measurements

News and Evidences

Westergreen-Thorne 2017 - Comparing the diagnostic accuracy of US in the community and in the hospital setting for urinary calculi - A retrospective cohort study – JCU

Ultrasound carried out by independent radiographers and GPs in the community is just as accurate as ultrasound carried out by hospital sonographers for the detection of urinary calculi in the UK. Greater use of community US for the diagnosis of urinary calculi may promote greater patient/GP satisfaction and reduce hospital attendance without loss of diagnostic accuracy.

Westergreen-Thorne, Mathew & Yan Lee, Sook & Babawale, Kunle & Lovegrove, Catherine & Brewer, John & Shrotri, Nitin. (2016). Comparing the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in the community and in the hospital setting for urinary calculi: A retrospective cohort study. Journal of Clinical Urology. 10. . 10.1177/2051415816668943. //

Read more

Keith & Frisch 2001 - Fetal Biometry - A Comparison of Family Physicians and Radiologists - Fam Med

The authors found no difference in gestational age assessment performed by closely supervised family practice residents in comparison to radiologists.

Keith R, Frisch L. Fetal Biometry: A Comparison of Family Physicians and Radiologists. Fam Med 2001;33(2):111-114 //

Read more

Speets & Mali 2006 - Upper abdominal ultrasound in general practice - Indications, diagnostic yield and consequences for patient management - Family Practice

The authors conclude that anticipated patient management by the GP changed in 64% of patients following upper abdominal US. Abdominal US substantially reduced the number of intended referrals to a medical specialist, and more patients could be reassured by their GP.

Anouk M Speets, Arno W Hoes, Yolanda van der Graaf, Sandra Kalmijn, Niek J de Wit, Alexander D Montauban van Swijndregt, Jan Willem C Gratama, Matthieu JCM Rutten, Willem PThM Mali; Upper abdominal ultrasound in general practice: indications, diagnostic yield and consequences for patient management, Family Practice, Volume 23, Issue 5, 1 October 2006, Pages 507–511.

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