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  • Vivid iq, Vivid iq Premium, Vivid iq 4D1

    GE Healthcare’s new compact directly addresses your changing needs with a combination of portability and power that fits right in – wherever your journey takes you 2.

    Portable – 10% lighter, 10% thinner than Vivid q 

    Reliable – Rugged, cleanable design built for tough conditions
    Easy to use – Intuitive touchscreen and fewer keystrokes
    Convenient – New cart for better management of accessories
    Advanced – 4D TEE, ICE 3 and other powerful capabilities 


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  • Design

    As Agile As You Need to Be

    Vivid™ iq is a compact, yet powerful cardiovascular ultrasound. Carry it under your arm or on your cart with a multi-connector for probes to wherever you need it2 … from the echo lab to the OR … from the hospital to a rural location.


    • Lightweight – 10% lighter 10% thinner than the Vivid q.
    • Closed design – allows cleaning with disinfectant solutions.
    • Portable – up to 1-hour battery (with full charge) – Smart Standby.

    The newly designed cart was created to protect the console during transportation. The cart also allows for a much better viewing angle with the increased height adjustments for scanning while standing or sitting.

    • Battery pack (3 hours with full charge)
    • 4-probe port


    The Vivid iq was built to handle tough daily demands allowing you to focus on the patient and the ultrasound images during the exam. We are so confident in the reliability that we are offering multiyear service. (Regions may vary, please check with your local representative). In the event your product needs attention, we offer a loaner program which reduces your down time.

    We have designed the hard keys to have a sealed surface, allowing up to 10ml of body fluids to be spilled and cleaned up with a list of supported disinfectants. (see user manual). The new design has allowed for better probe insertion for more reliability and protection. We have also designed the ECG to fit under the probe area for better protection, allowing nothing to protrude from the sides. All of these new enhancements allow for better reliability and robustness.


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Vivid Club

The Vivid Club is a network of Vivid system users, all of whom are dedicated to clinical excellence in cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you'll benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals, and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

Membership is free, and all the club benefits are yours, free of charge.

Your personal benefits:
  • Invitation to User Days
  • Access to a dedicated members' area (Lounge) at congresses
  • Personalized mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members
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1. The Vivid iq Premium and the Vivid iq 4D are configurations of the Vivid iq ultrasound system.
2. The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities and has not been evaluated for use during transport. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual; please contact your GE Healthcare sales representative for detailed information.
3. ICE catheter availability varies by country. Please contact Biosense Webster® directly. Biosense Webster is a trademark of Biosense Webster, Inc.
4. Optional.
5. Optional on Vivid iq 4D and Vivid iq Premium only.
6. Optional on Vivid iq 4D only.