Voluson™ SWIFT

Welcome to a remarkably different ultrasound experience. Transform the way you work, with Voluson SWIFT.

This Changes Everything

Uniquely intuitive and customizable, we’ve reimagined the user experience – for a new level of ease and efficiency. Radically different in look and feel, the system is designed to simplify every interaction. Feel like an experienced user from the beginning with artificial intelligence and automated tools that expand your capabilities and inspire confidence.
At a Glance

This is Simplicity

With a large touchscreen and a select group of hard keys, the Voluson SWIFT incorporates the same functionality as the devices we use every day.

This is Adaptability

Designed to help remove some of the obstacles that consistently slow you down. Streamline your workflow by leveraging the power of AI and automation.

This is Efficiency

Highly customizable, and designed to simplify every interaction, make it yours by personalizing the menus, workflow, and individualizing presets.

This is Defining Value

Expect more from your system. More services, support and partnership. Voluson SWIFT is a technologically advanced platform built for the future.
Voluson SWIFT Technology

Technology that Changes Everything

At Voluson we are continuously innovating to improve image quality and create specialized clinical tools to help you see more anatomical detail with greater certainty, enabling you to provide the best possible patient care.

The Power of AI

3D Simplified

Unprecedented Clarity


Enhancing Consistency

A comprehensive set of AI tools

A World of Possibilities

A well-maintained ultrasound system improves your efficiency and helps allow you to deliver the best care to your patients. Leverage our entire ecosystem of support for peace of mind now—and in the future. Combined with a flexible service program, GE HealthCare partners with you to monitor and maintain your Voluson ultrasound systems, ensure quality and compliance, and train and inspire your staff.

Voluson Club – Like Family, We are Here for You

The only ultrasound community dedicated to the education and collaboration of women’s health practitioners to help expand your expertise and your practice.

Performance Optimization Solutions

Maximize the performance, workflow, and utilization of your Voluson ultrasound system using Imaging Insights, iCenter Performance Management tools, and other digital solutions.

Maintenance, Repair, and Remote Support Services

Manage your total cost of ownership while improving system uptime with maintenance contracts and features like OnWatch proactive monitoring with InSite™ connectivity.

Probe Repair and Hygeine Solutions

A continuum of support for your probes, including disinfection and hygiene solutions. Stay a step ahead with Probe Check, which assesses the health of your probes and can alert you to potential issues.

Updates, Upgrades, and Device Protection

Protect your ultrasound system from cyber-attacks with Voluson’s comprehensive SonoDefense solution. Easily download Operating System (OS) updates with eDelivery to keep your devices secure and running smoothly.

Your time is precious. That’s why our sales process is efficient and tailored to your needs.