Vscan with Dual Probe

The first pocket-sized ultrasound with two transducers in one probe.

Vscan with dual probe top view of product

Two transducers in one probe - for on-the-go imaging

Vscan™ with Dual Probe transforms physical exams to help enable efficient triage, fast workflow, and a deeper patient connection.

This innovative pocket-sized ultrasound is the first to house two transducers in one probe - enabling a non-invasive look inside the body, with both shallow and deep views.

With diagnostic information in the palm of your hand, this system may help you:

  • Increase clinical confidence, with immediate visual validation of what you feel and hear
  • Reduce patient wait times for clinical information used to guide the course of care
  • Support efficient workflow across your health system for time and cost savings.


Benefits of Vscan with Dual Probe

Vscan with Dual Probe may help fill in the diagnostic gaps when you don't have the full story. The innovative probe with phased and linear array transducers is always connected and ready for many applications.

Small and lightweight
Vscan with Dual Probe can travel with you-from patient to patient-within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.

Easy to use
Just flip the top and it starts up. With its one-hand user interface and presets for common applications, Vscan with Dual Probe imaging slips easily into your patient care routine.

Count on Vscan with Dual Probe throughout your busy day-a single charge provides up to one hour of continuous scanning. Easy-to-swap batteries can extend operation all day long.

Vscan with Dual Probe adds clinical value and can help support excellent patient care.

Visit our library of case studies and see the benefits that Vscan users have experienced:

Studies used Vscan probe which is equivalent to Vscan with Dual Probe's deep scanning transducer.


The picture is clear.

Pocket-sized ultrasound devices offer clinical and economic value.

Vscan is making an impact and is a tool that supports clinical decision making. Many Vscan users have shared their experiences in using Vscan.

Read what Vscan users have to say about their experiences from both a clinical and economic perspective:

Studies used Vscan probe which is equivalent to Vscan with Dual Probe's deep scanning transducer.


Support - at your fingertips

GE offers on-line tools to help you get started in using your Vscan device - including clinical reference tools and product support material.

Clinical Reference Tools

The Vscan Clinical Reference Series program introduces basic principles to begin using Vscan. The content includes basic imaging techniques, anatomy, and troubleshooting tips.

Product Support Tools

Below you will find information to help you learn the basic functionality, knobology and general maintenance so you can immediately begin using your Vscan device.

Vscan with Dual Probe Knobology

Download the Vscan with Dual Probe Product Datasheet


hotspot tours-vscan-gehc-vscan_skeleton_hotspot_spotlight_active.jpg
  • Phased abdomen

    hotspot tours-vscan-liver portal vein and artery with color flow 2457.jpg
  • Phased Cardiac

    hotspot tours-vscan-cardiac-subcostal.jpg
  • Phased Cardiac

    hotspot tours-vscan-cardiac-apical-4-chamber-with-color-flow.jpg
  • Hepatorenal Space

    hotspot tours-vscan-hepatorenal-space.jpg
  • Lungs

    hotspot tours-vscan-lung_pleural-space_1.jpg
  • Lungs

    hotspot tours-vscan-lung_pleural-space_2.jpg
  • OB

    hotspot tours-vscan-fetal-profile.jpg
  • OB

    hotspot tours-vscan-umbilical-cord-with-color-flow.jpg
  • Soft Tissue

    hotspot tours-vscan-thyroid.jpg
  • Vascular

    hotspot tours-vscan-vascular-procedure-guidance.jpg
  • Vascular

    hotspot tours-vscan-popliteal vessels with color flow.jpg