CARESCAPE™ R860 features expert user tools, an innovative user interface, and is inherently familiar the first time you use it.

Featuring expert user tools and an innovative user interface, the CARESCAPE R860 is inherently familiar the first time you use it.

Navigating past, present and future states of your ventilated patients is the foundation of the CARESCAPE R860 user interface. From the center workspace view that highlights current patient status, you can swipe left to right to navigate from historical trends on the left (past) to Clinical Decision Support tools on the right (future). Your settings are recalled even as you navigate across workspaces.

By replacing menus with workspace views, the CARESCAPE R860 has flattened the learning curve and unlocked ventilation capabilities by making them more accessible and easier to use.

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ep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-carescape -r860 adult 003 adult screen_new.jpg
  • 360° alarm light

    tegories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-img_1741_hires.jpg
  • 15” touch display

    espiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-carescape r860 display 2.jpg
  • Integrated keypad & trim knob

    -categories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-r860_keypad.jpg
  • Multi-use components

    tegories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-img_1831_hires.jpg
  • Inspiratory safety guard

    tegories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-img_1829_hires.jpg
  • Dovetail to support adjustable mounting rail (both sides)

    uct-categories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-picture1.jpg
  • Optional airway module bay (mount either side)

    -categories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-module dock.jpg
  • Locking casters (all lock)

    duct-categories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-casters.jpg

Supporting Materials

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