FOCUS Service Agreement

Service means more than fixing – it’s about making
sure that your assets perform at their best. 

FOCUS is our core service contract. 
It offers you assurance and the peace of mind that you are never without the support or service you need to deliver excellent patient care. 
Maintenance is more than fixing. It is about making sure that your imaging equipment operates at optimum and desired outputs. 
With our original equipement manufacturer expertise and our European infrastructure we provide services that goes beyond break-fix.
With FOCUS you will have the flexibility to customize your service agreement from our range of options to fit your budget 
and maintain high-quality & safety standards. 

To maximize your productivity and return on investment, we will provide you with:

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Create your own services bundle. Focus can be standalone or combined with one or more of our bolt-on packages:

POWER pack

Designed to provide you with our fastest possible response leveraging our proactive 24/7 remote capabilities. Helping you maximize uptime, staff satisfaction and patient care.

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Encounter technology obsolescence preventively or extend your assets capabilities.

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Enable intelligent asset performance management that balances cost, availability, reliability and risk to help optimize your overall asset performance.

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Expand your department’s capabilities via regular Training sessions, helping you and your staff to remain at the forefront of clinical excellence and ensure quality patient care.

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Digital Services

When you are a GE Healthcare Services customer you’ll get automatically access to our digital services suite of applications
and tools to help your organization make the most of your assets.

iCenter: Visible data. Optimized assets

Access real-time data and analytics on status and usage of your equipment through the iCenter web platform.

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UpdateMe mobile app

Get greater insights that help you manage the performance and maintenance of your assets anytime, anywhere.

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GE Cares community

Join a community where you can learn, share, connect with your peers: GECARES.COM Access online video trainings, educational contents, e-learnings, built by experts for experts.

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LiveExpert webinars

Register for the clinical webinars and benefit from the experience of experts helping you improve your technical and clinical practice. Join our Live Experts webinars.

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Probe Care mobile App

Help your teams increase the lifetime of your probes and decrease future service related costs.

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Online Service shop

The right tool for biomedical engineers to help enhance speed, accuracy and convenience in sourcing parts and accessories.

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Leverage our local service excellence across Europe

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Leverage our local service excellence across Europe

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  • DACH

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    services france

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  • IMI

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  • RCIS

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