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  • GE Healthcare Digital: Edison Applications

    Intelligence to enable better patient care.
    Edison is GE Healthcare’s intelligence platform designed to help you achieve greater efficiency, improve patient outcomes and increase access to care.
    Empower your health systems with our software and analytics as Edison Open AI Orchestrator, Edison™ Datalogue™, Edison™ Datalogue™ Connect, Edison™ Datalogue™ Insights.
    BoothMap A Edison
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: AIR™

    It’s time for a simply better MR experience.
    Our family of products includes an award-winning coil design, intelligent productivity applications and all-new reconstruction software. Altogether, AIR™ delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently superior image quality.
    BoothMap B AIR
  • Radiography systems:
    Critical Care Suite

    On device artificial intelligence.
    The first-of-its-kind imaging device with embedded artificial intelligence for case prioritization and quality control.
    BoothMap C RadiographySystems
  • Computed Tomography: TrueFidelity

    A vision that pushes imaging further with deep learning and you.
    TrueFidelity CT Images are more than a radical, next-generation improvement. They elevate the vision of what you and TrueFidelity can achieve together.
    BoothMap D TrueFidelity
  • Computed Tomography: Revolution™ Maxima

    Overall, a top performer.
    A cornerstone platform awarded by AuntMinnie as the 2020 best new radiology device setting a new standard in CT operations with AI-based Auto Positioning to elevate what you can expect from every exam.
    BoothMap E Maxima
  • Surgical Imaging:
    OEC Elite CFD with the OEC Touch control panel

    The OEC Elite CFD offers stunning image clarity and detail at low dose with enhancements for an easy and efficient experience.
    BoothMap F OEC
  • Bone Health and Metabolic Health: enCORE v18 Software Plateform

    Powerful New DXA Clinical Applications.
    Our world-class enCORE software platform offers a wide range of clinical features for your bone and metabolic health diagnostic needs.
    BoothMap G Bone
  • Mammography: SenoBright™ HD Contrast Mammography

    See differently. See in contrast.
    SenoBright HD contrast enhanced spectral mammography is a next level mammography technology that offers an astonishingly clear way of seeing what matters in the breast.
    BoothMap H SenoBright
  • LOGIQ™ E10 Ultrasound

    Empowering you to make a difference.
    Next-generation, leadership ultrasound that adapts to your needs, today and into the future.
    BoothMap I LogiqE10
  • Invenia™ ABUS 2.0

    Look differently with Invenia™ ABUS 2.0: Detecting more cancers with an efficient and reproducible exam while providing great comfort for patients and users.
    BoothMap J InveniaAbus
  • Ultrasound: Venue Go™

    Right when it matters. Right where it counts.
    Simplify assessments and deliver effective care with Venue Go™. Featuring a uniquely adaptable design that goes from cart to table to wall, Venue Go supports Point of Care medicine across clinical needs and physical spaces from the ED to the ICU to the OR.
    BoothMap K VenueGO
  • Ultrasound: Vscan Extend™

    Handheld Ultrasound systems.
    Vscan Extend is big enough for the tough clinical decisions and small enough to take with you wherever you go.
    BoothMap L VscanExtend
  • Oncology solution:
    Navify Tumor Board

    Cloud-based workflow that aggregates data for oncology care teams.
    Navify Tumor Board is a cloud-based workflow product that securely integrates and displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard for oncology care teams to review, align and decide on the optimal treatment for the patient.
    BoothMap M Navify

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