• “I want piece of mind for the IT security of my device”

    With Windows Operating System patches, your system's security is always up-to-date. Automated OS patches:

    • Help prevent critical cyber-events
    • Keep your operating system up to date and secure

  • “I want to improve the end-to-end capability of my system”

    Automated clinical software updates:

    • Ensures you are working on the last version of your clinical software
    • Helps optimise your system's clinical performance including:

    • Image quality
    • Quantification
    • Enhancement of workflow usage
    • Bug fixes

    Examples: improvement of the image quality of a probe or improvement of the workflow of a clinical application

  • To benefit from these features, connect your ultrasound system to the GE back-office.

    This connection is easy to activate and respect data security and privacy. Moreover, it will allow you to access to many more digital services to improve your experience on your device such as remote support with GE technicians and clinical experts.

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