GoldSeal - Refurbished Systems

The value of confidence

GoldSeal - Refurbished Systems

The value of confidence

GoldSeal refurbished Imaging and Ultrasound Systems provide cost-effective solutions that empower healthcare organizations to provide excellent care and achieve financial objectives.

Hospitals and imaging centers must provide safe, reliable, advanced, and cost-effective imaging and ultrasound solutions for their communities—even when budgets are tight. When facing competing capital priorities, they can still access technology that offers peace of mind afforded by a comprehensive warranty and a GE Healthcare field service team they know and trust. GoldSeal offers customers top-quality imaging and ultrasound equipment—no matter the budget.


  • GE Healthcare service and support

    Global network of 12,000 service technicians and 24/7 access to support.

  • Deep experience

    20 years in refurbished equipment business, with 18,000+ systems sold globally.

  • Quality process

    More than 100 labor hours & 400 steps involved in CT system refurbishment and validation, ensuring the highest standards of refurbished quality.

A grand opening: Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin chooses GoldSeal MR system

“It [our GoldSeal MR system] is very conducive to orthopedics; our surgeons and radiologists were very confident and comfortable with it. We’re happy with the quality of the images and the speed with which we can move patients through. I would rate the unit as on par with a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz. It has absolutely no issues.” - Mark Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin

Quality, assured.

Every GoldSeal system goes through an extensive, ISO 13485-certified process to help ensure they meet original specifications . Watch our GoldSeal video to learn more about the quality process and testing behind every GoldSeal system.