Remote Support powered by InSite™

InSite™ is a powerful remote technology that maximizes the uptime, utilization and profitability of your healthcare medical devices.
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Data Protection

Continued support by our GE Healthcare Experts

Thanks to GE Healthcare’s InSite™ technology, our remote experts can examine the system, diagnose certain problems and identify mechanical failures, repair software errors, and even diagnose image quality issues.

Faster access to support

A remote engineer will connect to your system on average within 15 minutes(1)

High technical expertise

Highly specialised experts with 15+ years’ experience

Increase productivity

~34% (2) of cases are fixed remotely

Proactive part ordering

After diagnosis, our experts will order the part needed for replacement

Create your service tickets easily

Every remote connection starts with a service ticket. Choose your preferred channel: on your PC, mobile phone, device console, or directly through one of our service agents.


Create your tickets directly from your desktop 24/7

MyGEHealthcare App

Request support on the go, right from your phone 24/7


Request support directly through your medical device console(3)

GEHC Service Centre

Our agents will quickly assign you to one of our remote experts


In the next generation of medical devices, GE Healthcare delivers software updates to the customer directly in the system’s user interface using InSite™ remote technology.

Keep your systems current and up to date

eDelivery provides easy and secure access to software updates

Growth & sustainability

By eliminating the need for packaging, fuel, and storage space

Maximize security

Fast access to security and operating system updates and bug fixes

Improve productivity

Less time waiting for on-site technicians to install new softwares

Visual Support - Your Remote Support App powered by Augmented Reality

Visual Support is an augmented reality app that helps you to connect with your GE remote expert to speed-up diagnosis and fix issues in real-time. It enables you to connect any system that is currently incompatible with InSite™.

Interact in real-time

Diagnose and fix issues remotely in real time by interacting with experts

Reduce downtime

Have direct access to our remote experts, don't wait for an on-site visit

Connect any system

Remotely connect any system that is not currently accessible

Be protected

Visual Support is a GDPR compliant solution

Remote solutions for clinical training

Optimize clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction by having access to real time applications support and training

GE Cares

A community where you can learn, share, and connect with your peers


Real time training support as if an application specialist was onsite


An AR powered training and support app for your new Ultrasound device

Ultrasound loyalty clubs

A dedicated community to develop your expertise on GE Ultrasound systems

Data Protection

Since 2014, the European GE Healthcare InSite™ remote support environment has been independently assessed and certified wing-to-wing to ISO27001. This certification underlines the robustness of our information security management and demonstrates that we assessed risks and established preventive measures to protect from security breaches.

ISO 27001

To improve customer and business partner confidence and ensure we are aligned with their requirements, our data protection framework is regularly reviewed by our customers

Server locations

As a general practice, data from Europe is stored and processed in the Europe


GE HealthCare is as of January 2023 the only medical technology vendor in Europe being approved for BCR (Binding Corporate Rules for Data Processor)


Remote Support powered by InSite™

Through the GE Healthcare InSite™ technology, you can benefit from a comprehensive service offering. With InSite™ Remote technology, GE Healthcare Support remotely troubleshoots performance issues and can forecasts maintenance of certain larger issues to reduce unplanned downtime - improving medical system efficiency and helping to reduce the cost of care.

Digital services

Constant monitoring. Continued support.

Get connected immediately upon installation. Utilise your system’s maximum performance and deliver outstanding patient care.


Get the most out of your GEHC asset and benefit from automated software updates directly on your system’s user interface using InSite™ remote technology.

We share the responsibility of caring for your patients’ data

GE Healthcare takes the security and privacy of our InSite™ Remote Support environment very seriously. Maintaining the security of the environment is a top priority.

Even non-InSite™ compatible products can be connected

Even if your system is not compatible with InSite™, we have a solution for you. With the appropriate service offering, you can connect all your systems with Visual Support, our augmented reality app.

  1. (1) For Imaging Equipment in Europe in 2019.
  2. (2) For Imaging, ultrasound and LCS Equipment in Europe in 2021.
  3. (3) Depends on system’s compatibility.

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