Alzheimer's Disease

Until recently, there has been no amyloid-targeting treatment available for Alzheimer's disease. We imagine a future where providers have the tools needed to identify, diagnose, select the right treatment, and monitor and visualize treatment response. A future where a strong provider network collaborates with patients and their families to identify signs of Alzheimer’s – even before symptoms begin.

We are here to instill hope in the face of Alzheimer's disease and to make this vision a reality.

Facts and Figures¹


Estimated number of Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, which will likely grow to 12.7 M by 2050


leading cause of death in the United States


estimated hours of unpaid care provided by caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias


Projected in annual cost in the US driven by incurable, yet long-care timeline

Alzheimer's Disease


    Researchers continue to study how Alzheimer’s Disease changes the brain in the hope of identifying new treatments.

    Tracer production

    Tracer production is critical in PET imaging, with each tracer produced offering a potential step towards treatment.

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    Brain imaging (MRI, PET/MR, PET/CT) is a critical component of a confident Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

    Brain imaging
    Visualization of brain amyloid

    Structural imaging by MR is primarily used to rule out other causes of Alzheimer’s symptoms

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    Monitoring amyloid-related imaging abnormality (ARIA) with MR and PET/MR is critical in the course of anti-amyloid AD therapy.

    Improved quality and shorter acquisition time
    Scan reproducibility

    Reducing scan time without impacting image quality can help your practice keep pace with a growing AD population

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    Real-time applications provide motion-correction and distortion artifact reduction during the scan

    The industry’s most sensitive Time-of-Flight (ToF) PET detector and our most capable MR scanner offer clarity and patient comfort with every scan

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    1. SIGNA PET/MR AIR is a premium configuration of SIGNA PET/MR. Not CE marked. Not available in all regions.
    2. Not CE marked. Not available in all regions.

    1. Alzheimer’s Association. (2023). 2023 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures

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