Invasive Cardiology

GE Healthcare’s cardiology solutions deliver insights and streamline administrative effort that help you focus on patient needs—and not the process.

From seamless and precise data delivery through an accessible user interface to intuitive controls, our hemodynamic and electrophysiology (EP) recording systems are proven and time-tested. They help you treat the most difficult cardiac conditions through enhanced signal-processing algorithms. Creating smoother workflows and facilitating more accurate and complete documentation, our recording systems give you the data you need to deliver exceptional patient care.
Altix Edition

Power up workflows. Lock down data.

AltiX Edition, the enhanced hemodynamic and EP recording system, helps improve existing workflows with flexibility, features seamless interoperability, and offers increased security to create enhanced experiences and outcomes for both staff and patients.
  • AltiX Edition brings a new level of flexibility to hemodynamic and EP recording that interlaces with your virtualized network infrastructure. Built on the foundation of Microsoft® Windows® 10 and Windows Server® 2016 operating systems, AltiX Edition meets emerging consumer needs and changing requirements in the IT space by focusing on product continuity, clinical enhancement, and cybersecurity.

    • Updated user interface
    • Seamless data migration for existing users
    • HL7 export enhancements
    • Editable level of pain and level of consciousness scales
    • FFR results with an adjustable FFR cursor in the review window
    • New barcode scanner with 2D data matrix barcode support
    • Data encryption to keep patient data secure