• It is estimated that the world’s healthcare systems account for approximately 5% of global CO2 emissions1, more than aviation or shipping.

    Building a sustainable healthcare strategy from both sides Healthcare systems and Industries can be done… it starts with little simple steps… for example Maximising efficient use of assets and Minimizing waste.

GE Healthcare achievement and commitments²

Our concrete actions for sustainability

Maximising efficient use of anaesthesia assets

By utilizing to full capacity GE healthcare anaesthesia equipment options that do support low flow technique we could achieve.

Optimise efficient use with monitoring and digital solutions

By leveraging GE Healthcare monitoring solutions that support drug optimization and convert complex data into actionable insights to enable environmentally friendly practices, we could achieve.

Minimize even more carbon footprint in anaesthesia

  • Minimizing waste

    GE Healthcare has implemented processes to extend the lifecycle of selected products and avoid related parts entering the waste stream.

    Assets are refurbished at GE dedicated Repair Operations Center, for the highest levels of oversight.

Together, we want to achieve a Healthcare System that protects everyone and our planet. We believe this is possible!

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