Vivid™ cardiovascular ultrasound systems.

High-performance, easy to use, and budget conscious—all with exceptional imaging capabilities.

We Take Your Exact Needs to Heart 

From ultra-portable designs that work in a variety of clinical settings to excellent 4D technology that captures the entire heart in a single beat, GoldSeal’s Vivid cardiovascular ultrasound systems help you enhance patient care. GoldSeal has many Vivid systems available:

  • Vivid E9
  • Vivid S5/S6
  • Vivid q
  • Vivid i


Your Ultrasound Imaging Needs for Less

You’ll find these benefits built into GoldSeal ultrasound systems:

  • Vivid E9

    The Vivid™ E9 is a premium level cardiovascular ultrasound consoled utilizing advanced probe technologies to provide 2D and 4D imaging. Advanced analysis and quantification is provided, ranging from speckle-tracking strain (AFI) to 4D Auto LV Analysis. The Vivid E9 incorporates workflow enhancement and ease of use features across all it’s clinical applications. 

  • Vivid S5/S6

    The Vivid S5 and Vivid S6 are small footprint, mobile cardiovascular ultrasound consoles that provide flexible workflow and premium image quality for in-patient and out-patient settings. Coupled with advanced probe design and quantitative analysis, these consoles provide exceptional image quality for cardiac, pediatric, vascular, shared services and point of care applications. 

  • Vivid q & Vivid i

    The Vivid I and Vivid q are compact, portable cardiovascular scanners incorporating the performance, versatility and freedom to take Vivid quality imaging and analysis where it is needed across in-patient, out-patient and mobile applications. Innovation in image quality and advanced analysis is incorporated in this small footprint, portable unit. 


Your sales representative can provide complete specifications on our available GoldSeal Voluson ultrasound systems.