• Tackling Intensive Care Units discomfort

    Intensive Care Units are stressful environment where multiple factors like noise, light, communication may play a role to impact patient, relatives and staff comfort. A lack of awareness combined with the use of an inadequate technologies may lead to severe consequences to patients and the entire organization. Discover how GE HealthCare solutions can help you minimize stressors and help create a healthier and more efficient working environment.
  • ICU - When every second counts

    GE HealthCare can provide a complete range of intensive care solutions throughout your clinical workflow from bedside to discharge. We offer customized solutions that fit everyday challenges you encounter in your workflow, whether you need help caring for high-acuity patients or improving ICU productivity. We are here to help you manage moments that matter.

Overcome daily challenges with GE HealthCare solutions - tailored to help you deliver your vision of high-quality patient care and productivity in the ICU.

    of all patient transports are associated with adverse events1

    Mortality rate in the ICU2

    ICU budget represents 20%
    of total hospital budget and cost up to 3000€ per Day3

Improving Patient Outcomes

Enhancing workflows

Helping you to reduce cost of care

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  • Discover a new way of learning Point-of-Care Ultrasound

    POCUSHUB is your platform for Point-of-Care Ultrasound first-hand information, an open exchange of profound expert knowledge.

    As a member you have easy access to full support for your specific applications.

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Driven by GE HealthCare's commitment to clinical excellence, Clinical View is a free resource for medical professionals intended to provide educational materials and clinical information that advances best practices for monitoring across the continuum of care.
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