• Anaesthesia Solutions

    Adequacy of Anaesthesia

    The Adequacy of Anaesthesia* (AoA) concept helps clinicians deliver an individually tailored anaesthesia and may help in their goal to improve patients' outcomes.
  • Vaporizers and Cassettes

    Tec 6 Plus

    A sophisticated and easily controllable electronic vaporizer,
    Tec* 6 Plus lets you deliver Desflurane with confidence.

ESA Academy - Microlearning Module

We put the patient at the heart of technology

Prediction of Post-Operative Pain with Surgical Pleth Index


Applying intraoperative lung protection ventilation


Optimizing Intubation and Extubation with accurate NMT technology


Optimizing drug delivery for enhanced patient care


Optimizing anaesthetic agent delivery

*Et Control is not cleared or approved by the US FDA. Not for sale in the United States.