Precision cancer care for improved outcomes at every step of the care pathway.

The fight against cancer is a daunting one. With the incidence of cancer expected to rise sharply worldwide, coupled with nearly half of cancer diagnoses arriving too late, cancer care providers need to utilize every advantage available to them. GE Healthcare oncology solutions are designed to help cancer care providers to gain the upper hand with an innovative suite of diagnostic and treatment technologies designed to help improve detection, clinical efficiency, operational efficiency, and outcomes. In short, to help cancer care providers provide perhaps the most important prognosis of all: hope.


Transforming your Oncology Outcomes with Innovation Inspiring Hope

Thursday, 04 June | 12:00 pm (London time) - 1:00 pm (Paris time)

Register for this unique webinar on how to transform your oncology outcomes with innovative solutions across care pathways.

During this webinar we will talk about how we are providing new digital, imaging and diagnostic tools to help generate the best possible outcomes for your patients.

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Oncology Pathways

  • GE Healthcare Partners

    We help clients solve the most challenging problems in healthcare through long-term strategic partnerships, and advanced analytic capabilities. We collaborate to define and prioritize their critical challenges, design the best strategies, and activate impactful solutions to create breakthrough, sustainable outcomes to enable them to transform and succeed.
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  • GE Healthcare Services

    Flexible offerings can help ensure optimal equipment and clinical performance, and includes tools and resources to optimize uptime to reduce patient disruptions. With the ability to add services beyond maintenance, clinical confidence is further supported through remote and on-site applications training and support.
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The latest in Oncology

  • What Does Precision Cancer Care Mean to You?

    Perhaps it’s as simple as improved clinical detection, or real-time data sharing?

    Whatever your definition of precision cancer care is, we know the end goal is always the best possible outcome for your patients. For this reason, GE supports cancer centers and hospitals all over the world to help improve cancer care from screening to treatment through advanced medical technologies, providing physicians and technicians with greater clinical insights. We work with you to address your specific clinical and operational challenges to achieve the best possible patient outcome through the most precise treatment available.

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