GoldSeal™ systems

Cost-effective imaging and ultrasound systems that empower healthcare organizations to provide excellent care and achieve financial objectives.

GoldSeal Systems

    Reliable and cost-effective imaging and ultrasound solutions

    GoldSeal systems go through a reconditioning process that meets ISO13485 Quality Management System requirements and achieve the same quality standards and results as a brand-new equipment, backed by a competitive warranty and a GE HealthCare field service team you know and trust.
    Key features

    With easily accessible technology, GoldSeal systems deliver on OEM quality

    Selective process

    Only systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal

    OEM quality

    OEM factory trained technicians recondition equipment with original spare parts and accessories

    Latest software

    Includes installation of the latest possible software release and original OEM parts

    Competitive warranty

    Includes a parts and labor warranty. Extended warranties and service contracts are available
    Sustainable commitment

    The actions we take now will impact our planet for centuries to come

    GoldSeal embodies GE HealthCare's circularity program that focuses on reducing waste by reusing de-installed imaging systems and parts. With GoldSeal, you’re not just extending the life of equipment, you are actively contributing to a sustainable future.

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    We buy used GE HealthCare equipment

    When you sell us your used medical equipment, you’ll enjoy the benefit of working with experts. Not only can we help offset expenses related to deinstallation and disposal, but you can rely on us to offer a firm and fair value.

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