Clinical Accessories and Supplies

GE Healthcare is providing additional information about our accessories and supplies to help support you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find the most recent information on clinical accessories, in addition to materials regarding:

  • Filtration efficiency with anesthesia filters and water traps used for gas monitoring
  • Disposable accessories portfolio to help reduce cross contamination
  • Recommended cleaning / disinfection agents and procedures

GE Healthcare is committed to providing resources and information on clinical accessories to our customers and patients. If you have additional questions please contact us.


Filtration Supporting Materials

CARESCAPE™ Respiratory Modules, Compact Airway Gas Modules and Airway Gas Option CatalogDownload
CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules Data SheetDownload
Compact Airway Modules
Technical Data

HMEF and filters for GE Healthcare anesthesia equipment.

The following specification provides detailed information on the type of filtration and efficacy level regarding bacterial and viral filtration.

D-fend™ Pro water trap particle separation summary
A study was conducted by an independent research facility to test the water trap’s particle separation ability, using particles of different sizes

D-fend™ water traps for gas monitoring modules filtration bulletin


Disposable Accessories

Disposable Accessories Supporting Materials

Disposable Clinical Accessories


Justifying the cost for a single-patient-use blood pressure cuff
The use of single-patient-use blood pressure cuffs can eliminate one source of contamination and decrease the risk of infections.


Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization for Clinical Accessories

Cleaning and Disinfection Supporting Materials

Permitted cleaning and disinfecting for use with patient monitoring and anesthesia equipment.Download

Handling and cleaning guide
TruSignal SpO2 Reusable Sensors