• In response to growing challenges across imaging services, the NHS has developed a national strategy to drive the development of Imaging Networks. An Imaging Network is multi-layered. From IT systems, to procurement processes to clinical pathways, it all relies on shared information, strong connections and clear governance. But what drives an Imaging Network is the people. An Imaging Network provides an exciting opportunity to develop a flexible workforce.


    Community diagnostic Hubs are a key part of a successful
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    Community Diagnostic Hubs

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  • To be considered an Imaging Network, organisations must meet key criteria outlined in the National Strategy for Imaging Networks. You’ll need to take actions such as: developing system-wide schedules, reporting across sites and creating continuous educational programmes to be successful.

  • By taking the questionnaire below you can assess your readiness and gain an understanding of the next steps needed to develop an Imaging Network. At GE Healthcare, we have years of experience delivering solutions on every level, so we can help you prioritise and address the key areas for action in your organisation to increase your readiness.

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